The message of Twelve Principles
is that we can make a difference.

"I home educate my children and I plan to use Twelve Principles as a large part of our education experience.”
Sharee Cordes, parent, Australia

“Beautifully written…an important and inspiring work.”
Graham Green, activist, Australia

“Motivating, factual, inspiring, challenging, thought-provoking.”
Alison Connell, health worker, USA

“Extremely useful reading. It was as if somebody took me firmly by the shoulders and gave me a good shake.”
Olga Maiboroda, teacher, UK/Russia

Twelve Principles explores the relationship between personal and global change, and offers guidelines for a peaceful and sustainable future. Printed in full colour with 30 magnificent photographs, it includes inspiring personal accounts by twelve people around the world who have made a difference in their own lives and communities.

‘Twelve Principles is a timely reminder that the global crisis is at root a crisis in values, and that, by our thoughts and actions, each of us has an impact on what is happening in the world around us.’

Senator Bob Brown, Australian Greens
- from the Foreword

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Twelve Principles is published by Finch Publishing
in Australia and New Zealand
and by Fytraki Publications in Greece.